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SEO специалист

Vadim Tretiak – Private SEO specialist

Experience more than 10 years

Since 2013 in website optimization and SEO promotion.

Working in Digital Agencies

From SEO to head of promotion department.

Not only in SEO

Vast experience in other areas of Web development and marketing.

Without conveyor

There are a limited number of projects for SEO promotion.

Scope of my professional activity

Site audit

A comprehensive, understandable and systematized document about the identified shortcomings that affect SEO promotion in search engines.

SEO Website Promotion

Improving the visibility of your project in natural (non-paid) Google search results. We strive to attract more potential visitors from search queries.

Collection of the semantic core

A list of keywords, systematized, in order to maximize coverage of the target audience and avoid missing out on potential clients.

Crowd marketing

We specialize in crowd marketing using crowd links. This innovative strategy allows you to create natural and authoritative backlinks, attracting the attention of a wide audience and strengthening your brand's online presence.

Website optimization

A set of measures aimed at raising the site’s position in search engine results for certain queries.

Creating websites on WordPress

Our WordPress sites are the key to successful promotion to the TOP of Google. We create functional and aesthetic web resources that are optimized for search engine results. The result is maximum visibility in search and attracting the target audience.


Hiring a private SEO specialist is the key to successful promotion of your site. Such a professional works individually, focusing exclusively on your needs. A private SEO specialist guarantees you a higher level of attention, personalized strategies and constant monitoring of results.

Only a private SEO specialist is able to offer flexibility and a unique approach to your project, unlike large agencies. He will take into account the specifics of your business, help identify competitive keywords and develop a content strategy that attracts your target audience.

Entrust your CEO project to a private specialist to get personalized solutions, effective optimization of your website and a significant increase in organic traffic. Save time and money by combining your needs with an SEO professional working exclusively for you.

The owner of one of the largest telegram channels on the topic of seo

SEO продвижение

How is the work going?

  • Defining goals
  • Filling out a brief and drawing up a work plan
  • Cost forecast / prepayment
  • Performing SEO work on the project
  • Report on the work performed
  • Payment for work / transition to the next stage of services

How do I optimize the site

  • I am conducting an SEO audit
  • Analyzing competitors
  • I am studying the database of links to your resource
  • Checking the uniqueness of the content
  • Exploring the structure
  • Developing a semantic core
  • Implementing a content plan
  • Setting up metrics for monitoring the results of promotion
  • React to the actions of competitors
SEO Аудит


At the beginning of any project, the key stage is the basic audit, which costs 900 UAH. This audit covers 4-6 pages and includes the main metrics of the site. The deadline is 48 hours; if accelerated processing is required, the price will be 1500 UAH. Every SEO specialist starts his work with a thorough audit, and I am no exception here. This stage is a standard practice for identifying and then correcting errors.


Without a compiled list of keywords, it is impossible to create informative pages, and the lack of thoughtful semantics will lead to the omission of keywords necessary to achieve top positions in Google. If your site has not gone through the semantics development process, you have lost potential traffic from the search engine. The process of promoting websites with the participation of a private SEO optimizer begins with a careful collection of semantics. For collecting semantics on one page, I charge 150 UAH, which includes from 5 to 10 key phrases. After completing this stage, you should prepare a technical assignment for the copywriter, which takes from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. The cost of TK for one page is 250 UAH. If you order turnkey semantics and technical specifications for one page, the total price will be 350 UAH.
Семантическое ядро


This is an affordable service that I provide for 150 UAH per page, including setting up meta tags and optimizing images. Search engine optimization tasks are performed by me at a lower price compared to studios.


I use an integrated approach to promote to the TOP by offering the services of an SEO specialist on a monthly subscription. Usually, the cost for a simple site (5-10 pages) is 7000 UAH per month and includes position monitoring, link purchase, link strengthening, working with texts, adding content, as well as purchasing PBN links and creating site networks to raise the main site in the search results. It is important to note that 7000 UAH is a payment for my services, and the cost of links (their cost) falls on the client, usually in the range of 3-8 thousand UAH per month. The average time to reach the top for 50% or more requests is 2-5 months.
Продвижение сайта


I mentioned earlier about having my own crowd marketing team. It’s simple: The cost of one link is: Ukraine and the CIS – 1.5$ at the current exchange rate. USA and Bourgeoisie – $ 3 at the current exchange rate. Some sites require 30 links per month, others hundreds. If you have a large project, you may need 1-2 thousand links per month. A private SEO optimization specialist provides links at a better price than agencies.